Trail of Sin


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Condemn(ed) myself
This path that I have walked
See what I’ve seen
Fear not the persecution
Death walks behind me
Following a trail of sins
Darkness and shadows
are my only friends

Rise and claim your fate
Look now, this is the explanation of your salvation
Rise, and claim your fate
Act fast; one hesitation will bring your decimation

Can’t break away
these words hold me down
Inside my dreams
this is the perfect life
Next choice I make
Will be on my own
Now I am free
This earth is mine to roam




Looking all around me, feel it all around me
No one left to blame but myself
Knew it from the start, (that) I’d rip it all apart
Now I leave all these lies left with you
Burning in my brain left alone with the rage
Fearing that I can’t keep control
Count the reasons why, all that’s left if suicide
Knowing death will soon take its toll

(Repeat 1st verse)